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Tourism is a great, but still insufficiently used opportunity for the faster development of the Municipality of Barajevo. The picnic area Lipovicka suma which covers the territory of 1,200 ha, hunting area with the great number of roe deers, rabbits, pheasant and partridges, the lake Duboki potok – paradise for sports fishermen, numerous cultural-historical monuments, industrially non-polluted nature, represent exceptional base for the development of picnic, village and hunting tourism. Ibarska magistrala completes this tourist offer with numerous motels and restaurants.

The Municipality of Barajevo, perhaps owing to the fact that it does not have a developed industry, represents one of the few places with non-polluted environment. In order to maintain this, Barajevo is one of the first Belgrade municipalities to have brought a decision about making Local ecology action plan (LEAP), in order to preserve and protect a quality environment. This planned document is being done in cooperation with the Ministry for the protection of the environment and natural resources of Serbia.

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