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The territory of the Municipality of Barajevo has a surface of 213 square meters. According to the data from the population census, 26,630 inhabitants live in this Municipality. The number of inhabitants in local communities is: Barajevo 8,724, Arnajevo 958, Bacevac 1,782, Beljina 876, Bozdarevac 1,239, Veliki Borak 1,342, Vranic 4,181, Guncate 2,168, Lisovic 1,175, Manic 715, Meljak 2,166, Rozanci 548 and Siljakovac 756.

Over the increase of the number of inhabitants, BASED to the population census from 1991 (21,323), influenced the fact that to the territory of the Municipality of Barajevo from 1991 to nowadays, 8,973 refugees, expatriated and displaced persons came from the territories of the former Yugoslavia which were at war, as well as from Kosovo and Metohija, as it was recorded. The majority of these people still live in the area of the Municipality of Barajevo.

Pertaining to the vicinity of Belgrade and the natural beauties of this region, in the territory of Barajevo several thousands of cottages were built, inhabited by their owners. Therefore, it is claimed with certainty that more than 30,000 inhabitants reside in the territory of the Municipality.

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