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The Municipality of Barajevo, although relatively small regarding its population, it is one of “the most sportive” municipalities in Serbia. Inside the Sports association there are 25 clubs with about 3,500 registered sportsmen. This is very important concerning the fact that Barajevo is the only Belgrade municipality which does not have any sports venues. During the year 2004 the resolution of this problem is expected, so that its inhabitants will be able to participate in sports even in winter conditions.

Almost every local community has a football field, as well as courts for small sports. As part of sports center Pleske, there are two outdoor swimming pools, which unfortunately are out of operation at the moment. In the immediate proximity of the motel “Lipovicka suma”, a court for hurdle riding was built, where the first competition in Serbia and Montenegro was held.

There are 7 girl clubs which compete in athletics, table tennis, chess, basketball, volleyball, karate and body building. The male part of population tends to do football, so there are 13 registered football clubs in the territory of the Municipality, which compete in the 1st and the 2nd Belgrade football league, as well as in the inter-municipality league.

The best at sports in Barajevo in a few recent years are athletes and carate fighters. They have won many medals in various competitions. The members of the body building club “Bim Dzim”, Branislava and Zoran Jovanovic, are many time world, European and national champions.

Also, an archer Aleksandar Ivankovic is the national champion in the discipline of trap shooting. Table tennis players achieve excellent results, as well as the chess club “Barajevo”.

There are a lot of sports activities in the territory of the Municipality. Among them there is a special stress on the traditional athletic championship “Small champions cross”, tournament in small football in Lisovic and youth sports festivities in Veliki Borak.

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