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Barajevo does not have developed industry. The factory of ball bearings with automatic production, with capacity of 20,5 million units per year, which employed over 600 workers, is not open presently. The section for the production of lamps “Elektron” has the same destiny. In the following period these production capacities, which were to bear the economic development of this region, must define its status.

Good potentials for economic development, which above all are reflected in defined industrial zones, good transportation infrastructure and the vicinity of Belgrade, as the biggest commercial center, remain unexploited opportunities.

Industrial zone Trebez has completely organized its public utilities, infrastructure and town planning. Besides 7-8 already built production capacities, there is a possibility for building and opening of the large number of small and medium-sized enterprises. The beginning of the construction of urban architecture equipment factory, by investor “Aluminico Group” from Greece, proves this possibility. Business zone is being formed next to Ibarska magistrala road in Meljak and Vranic, too. Several business premises have been constructed along the regional road Lipovica – Barajevo, so that this area is becoming an important industrial zone. Barajevo also has a significant potential in totally defined urban residential-business zone in the settlement Gaj, where the complete infrastructure was built.What is encouraging for the potential investors is the fact that the procedure for getting necessary approvals, I.E. building permits, by the authorities, has been simplified.

In the territory of the Municipality 1,100 of economic entities are registered, mostly in the field of commerce, civil engineering, transportation and processing plants.

Small manufacturing companies which operate successfully in the territory of Barajevo and employ a significant number of workers include the following: “GMB Automatik“, “Auspusi Vlajkovic“, “Belanovic“, “Jasvel“, “Termo plus“, “Atma“, “Ginic Tocila“, Agropak“, “Beosmart“, “Metalkop-Produkt“, “Likakompani“...

In the structure of the economy of Barajevo agriculture takes the biggest part, where the individual sector prevails. There are about 13,000 ha of cultivable soil. Over 20,000 tons of corn and about 5,300 tons of wheat are produced annually. Barajevo, as a cattle breeding area, represents a significant meat and milk supplier. Between 400 and 500 liters of milk are bought up annually. Agriculture manufacturers possess over 1,500 tractors, 70 combines and the same number of corn-pickers and other machinery and accessories, which enable quality carrying out of agriculture works in optimal time. In addition to two mills, in Barajevo and Vranic there is also a silos with capacity of 650 wagons. Two farmers’ cooperatives in Barajevo and Arnajevo facilitate the purchase of necessary raw material for farmers, from seeds to livestock food, through several shops and wholesale. Apart from this, there are five places with coolers for milk buying up.

The farm “Barajevske plantaze” (“Barajevo plantations”), which does business as a part of “Vocarske plantaze” (“Fruit plantations”) from Bolec, until now have had organized a fruit production on the plantations of 150 ha. On the surface of 56 ha there is a plum plantation, 45 ha of pear, 32 of apple and 22 of sour cherry. In the past few years the orchards have not been restocked and are relatively neglected. In private sector there are 1,100 ha of orchards and vineyards.

About 4,500 ha is the forest, from which 3,000 ha is private property. The rest is owned by JP “Srbijasume”.

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