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The main activity of the Public company for information and culture, which organizes theatre shows, concerts, performances of cultural and artistic clubs and other events at a hall with 350 seats.

The library “Jovan Ducic” works as the part of the Belgrade city library. Apart from the central section in Barajevo, there are branches of this library in Vranic and Meljak. The library has 45,000 books and 1,800 members. Moreover, it is very well equipped with the latest titles. Besides its main activity, the library does other cultural-information activities, such as literary meetings, lectures, promotions and exhibitions.

In Barajevo there is a literature club “Jovan Ducic”, which is the organizer of the traditional festival of patriotic poetry. Above all, this club is active in working with children.

The most important cultural gatherings are Youth festivals, which have been held for more than three decades, in Veliki Borak in August. This gathering includes the festival of patriotic poetry, where many poets from Serbia, Montenegro, The Republic of Srpska and from abroad take part.

In the framework of Saint Elias Synod, held on August 2nd, a folklore festival is organized, in which a large number of culture-artistic associations participate. Cultural-artistic association “Vranic” from Vranic and folklore ensemble “Sumadija” from Barajevo attract a lot of members, and with their performances in our country and abroad, captured not only the affinity of the audience, but the recognition of jury experts. The Central Municipal Event “Visiting Barajevo” takes place from Transfiguration to Assumption, when the municipality celebrates its Day and its patron saint’s day, based on a historical event from 1805, when on August 27th the first Serbian government was founded in Veliki Borak.

In the territory of the Municipality there is a great number of cultural-historical monuments. The most important ones are Log Church in Vranic from the 18th century, which is under protection, elementary school in Vranic, which was built in 1848, Matics’ house, from the end of the 18th century which was restored in 1977, the old building of the elementary school in Bozdarevac from 1891, the remains of the old mills, old family house with second-floor porch and the Ljubinkovics’ old tavern in Beljina, Roman bridge in Beljina, the local community Beljina, old tavern in Barajevo etc.

The church treasury in Vranic has a great number of exhibits from archeological sights from this area, old coins, arms, icons and church books, ethnographic material, documents and the photographs of important personalities. Apart from the large number of extremely valuable icons, the treasury keeps the cross of Hadzi Ruvim, the prior of the monastery Bogovodja, built in 1796, which was given to the church in Vranic in 1800 as a gift. There is an abundant book-archive material which includes the period from the 16th to the 20th century, as well as the library with about 10,000 books.

Radio Plus Barajevo broadcasts 24 hours a day on the frequency of 105,9 MHz. Once a month the assembly of the Municipality publishes a bulletin “Barajevski glasnik” (“Barajevo herald”) in a 3,000-copy printing and distributes it to the citizens free of charge.

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