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The most important transport routes, in the territory of the Municipality are Ibarska magistrala, regional road Lipovica-Kosmaj and railway Belgrade-Bar. The distance between Barajevo and Belgrade is 27 km (by Ibarska magistrala) and 24 km by railway. Also, there are good connections with the Municipalities of Lazarevac, Sopot, Mladenovac and Arandjelovac. With its expanded network of roads, the center of the Municipality is connected with all 12 villages inside it.
The company “Lasta” does the transport of passengers in the local area as well as towards Belgrade. The opening of the railway line “Beovoz” Belgrade-Lajkovac also contributed a lot. In the center of Barajevo a modern “Beovoz” station was built. Apart from that, there are plans for the year 2004 to reconstruct the station in Nenadovac and Bozidarevac. The introduction of the larger number of departures of “Beovoz” is crucial.

The large area of the Municipality of Barajevo gets its water from the system of Belgrade water supplies, which invests significantly in the reconstruction of the water net, as well as in the construction of the new one. The following settlements are plugged into the Belgrade water supply system: the bigger part of Barajevo and Bacevac, Guncate, the part of Bozdarevac and Vranic, Meljak and Siljakovac. The plans for water supplies of Bacevac-Veliki Borak are being made. Also, there are plans for the reconstruction of the reservoir “Barajevo” in order to create a possibility for the building of a new reservoir “Gaj”, which would enable the construction of water supply system towards the local communities in the South of the Municipality – Lisovic, Beljina, Arnajevo, Rozanci and Manic.

In all the settlements of the Municipality, there is a telephone network. The total number of telephone connections is around 10,000. By setting up a user service of Telekom Serbia in Barajevo, a large number of citizens were provided with wireless telephone connections.

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