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The first settlements in the territory of the Municipality of Barajevo appeared 5,000 years ago, in the Neolithic era. The biggest Neolithic settlement in the territory of the Municipality of Barajevo was in Barajevo itself, which covered the area of about 100 ha and was situated in the historical sight known by the name of Kremenite njive, located next to the road Barajevo - Lipovica.

The Illyrians and the Celts lived in this region and the Romans in the beginning of new era. The period of the immigration of Slavic population has not been resolved historically.

For the first time Barajevo was mentioned in the cadastre registry made by Turks in 1536, as the second name for Baraj (noted in 1528).

In the period of the First Serbian Uprising, this region produced many well-known names, among which the most famous ones are the Prince Sima Markovic from Veliki Borak, Pavle Popovic from Vranic and the great hero Milisav Camdzija, who was the first among the rebellions to enter the Belgrade fortress Kalemegdan. The first National assembly was held in Veliki Borak in 1805. In this assembly “Praviteljstvujesci sovijet srpski” was established, as the first organ of executive authority in Serbia. The priest Mateja A. Nenadovic was elected to be the first President, and the Councilor of Belgrade district was Pavle Popovic from Vranic. In Veliki Borak, during the First Serbian Uprising, there was the first post-office in Serbia.

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